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Dr. Gary Arnold
Want to be inspired? Want to empower your group?
Dr. Gary Arnold reveals the powerful life-changing dynamics of nonduality; when spirit aligns beliefs, intentions, mind and matter.

Learn the secret of appying "ancient wisdom with modern methods" to change thoughts, empower life-changing action, and align your life with your god-given purpose. Gary is a social innovator and is one of the most sought after authorites and authors on non-duality in the field of self development. Since 1973, he has given over 1200 talks on non-duality worldwide. Since 1988, he has taught an ongoing weekly class in New Orleans on the core nondualistic principles of A Course in Miracles. His classes are free or low cost and open to the public. It is one of the longest running Course classes, continuously given and taught by the same instructor, in the USA. He gives over 60 worshops across the country annually and is on over 100 radio programs annually. His annual audience exceeds one million people.

In a shrinking world with increasing demands for specialization, it is nothing short of inspiring to encounter someone who embodies all the criteria of a Renaissance person: someone whose interests and talents refuse confinement to category; a person who, by his own will, energy and insatiable curiosity of life, is continually expanding his capabilities and exploding limitations.

Moreover . . . a great circle roars closer to completion when such a person uses that enthusiasm for involvement to electrify and motivate others toward realizing their own oneness.

Over the years, Gary has had his talks and written works admired by several notables. His book reviews, for example, are over the top!! Positive Thoughts For Successful Living received great reviews from: Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), Art Linkletter (Entertainer), Michael Leboeuf (Working Smart), John Mason (An Enemy Called Average), Scott Alexander (Rhinoceros Success), Gary Copp (President Speedy Oil Change), Van Musso (How to Retire Rich and Stay Rich), Rocky Bleier (Four-time NFL Superbowl Champion), Dr. Gregg Thomas (Christian Faity Ministries), Ben H. Love (Past President, Boy Scouts of America), and others. His translation of a Tao Te Ching, The Way of Life, received written cover quotes from Kriananda, Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God), Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters), Michael Smith, Joan Borysenko (The Power of the Mind to Heal), James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy) and others.

This is Gary Arnold.