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12 Week Mediumship

12 Week Mediumship

12 Week Mediumship

Learn energy manipulation
Psychic readings
Remote viewing
3rd Eye Intuition
Automatic writing

Talk with Spirit, the deceased, and your Inner Guides.

Open to ALL LEVELS of psychics and mediums.

Gary teaches using unique, easy to understand, everyday exercises to practice and develop psychic medium skillsets. New and seasoned psychics find Gary's comprehensive courses a goldmine of invaluable information, great practice, and always fun.

Since the early 1970's Dr. Gary Arnold has been sharing the secrets to awakening the intuitive voioe. His 12 week intensive shows you how to "trust your vibes and your inner Learn the breakthrough secrets to experiencing:

- Making Contact
- Dimensional Theory
- Astral Sight
- OBE and Perception
- Healing Energy
- Running Energy wiih the Sixth Sense
- Correcting Energy Work Issues
- Higher Self Contact and Communication

Gary has circumnavigated the globe over 22 times giving over 1200 talks and workshops worldwide. He has written 13 books, produced over 100 audiobooks, and 13 DVD's.

Gary's talks and written works have received written accolades from: Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), Art Linkletter (Entertainer), Rocky Bleier (4-time NFL Superbowl Champion), Ben H. Love (Past President, Boy Scouts of America), Kriananda, Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God), Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters), Gary Renard (Disappearance of the Universe), Joan Boryserko (The Power of the Mind to Heal), James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy), and others.

Come learn in a fun, interactive, experiential classroom.

Almost anyone can develop their 6th sense, given the right instruction.

Are you surpressing your intuitive, psychic, and mediumship ability?

Learn to connect and receive what we call "an honest download".

Attendees reoeive my book and my audio CD (a bonus), FREE.

You have a responsibility to develop and apply these untapped spiritual skills that you ALREADY possess.

Develop a greater understanding and appreciation of your inner guide.





Unity 0f Metairie.

3303 Richland Ave. Suite 2A
Metairie LA 70002

To register call: (800)472-1320


Every Wednesday for 12 weeks, starting
Mar. 20th, thru June 19th, 2013
Starting Promptly at 7 PM
Ends Promptly at 9 PM


The 12 week course cost is 0.
personal checks are accepted.

Testbook, audio CD, and course curriculum, all by Dr. Gary Arnold, are provided and included in the course cost.




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