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Awaken the Power of Your Full Psychic Potential

Awaken the Power of Your Full Psychic Potential

Awaken the Power of Your Full Psychic Potential

Awaken the Power of Your Full Psychic Potential

'A One-Day Workshop Intensive. Build a Skill Set That Will Help You Develop and Use All of Your Intuitive and Psychic Potential.'

Saturday March 3rd, 9AM to 5PM, 2012 The Red Shoes, Baton Rouge, LA

Sunday March 4th, 9AM to 5PM, 2012 Four Points Sheraton, Kenner, LA

Join two of today's preeminent metaphysical teachers,

Dr. Gary Arnold & Sandy Anastasi

Awaken the Power of Your Full Psychic Potential

With Dr. Gary Arnold & Sandy Anastasi

·Understand and unlock your psychic power!

·Develop your intuitive skills step by step!

·Find the ‘on and off buttons’ that keep you in full control of your intuitive ability!

·Learn fool-proof methods to enhance your already existing psychic and intuitive ability!

·What would you do if you could see a window into the future or the past?

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This one day workshop intensive is designed to help you systematically get your own “stuff” out of the way. It uses a proven system of exploration and lots of practice using your intuition and psychic ability.

Discover what’s in the way of you being more intuitive and psychic?

When you try to “see” something or receive information, do you usually draw a blank?

Intuition is bringing in new information. Your intellect and memories are part of your daily thinking mind that likes to pretend it knows everything. It wants to judge and evaluate every situation. Unfortunately memory, intellect and judgment tend to hog the stage and bog down and block the intuitive process.

We will show you ways to circumvent your active mind so that you are able to recognize your own intuition at work.

Saturday, March 3rd, 9AM to 5PM

The Red Shoes Spiritual Center,

2303 Government Street, Baton Rouge LA

$87 with advanced reservations. Lunch not included.

Sunday March 4th, 9AM to 5 PM

Four Points by Sheraton,

6401 Veterans Memorial Blvd. Metairie, LA

$117 with advanced reservations. Lunch Is included.

Non-reserved Tickets the day of the event, $157


Your instructors are Dr. Gary Arnold and Sandy Anastasi. Together they have over 70 years of psychic and intuitive teaching experience training several thousand students. Their books, CD’s, DVD’s, and workshops have been shared worldwide. Their extensive first hand exploration and experimentation with intuition and psychic training make this workshop uniquely valuable.

About Sandy Anastasi: Sandy is a world renowned psychic channel and has been successfully training students, teachers, and professional psychics to open, develop, and master their psychic abilities for over 30 years. She developed and created the Anastasi System of Psychic Development and is the author of seven books and over 100 workshops and classes on CD and MP3. In this workshop she draws deeply on the wealth of her experience.

Psychic medium John Edward dedicated his new book, Infinite Quest, to her for helping him harness and train his own ability. He said this about Sandy, "Sandy has the ability to take the nebulous concept of developing an intangible ability and helps to awaken your inner potential. This is a great introduction to the world of psychic development.” See

About Dr. Gary Arnold: For over 30 years Gary has been a global resource and teacher for those seeking to understand their intuitive abilities. He has circled the globe the equivalent of 22 times giving workshops and talks. Gary has written 14 books, produced 12 DVD movies and over 100 audio books. He appears on over 100 radio programs annually. Gary’s newest book is, Go Ahead and Die; transformation into consciousness without a body.

Over the years Gary has received written accolades for his written works by several notables including: ”Brian Weiss, Neale Donald Walsch, James Redfield, Ken Blanchard, Art Linkletter, Michael Leboeuf, Swami Kriyananda, Dan S. Kennedy, Four-time NFL Superbowl Champion Rocky Bleier, Joan Borysenko, Past President of Boy Scouts of America Ben H. Love, and others. See Seating is Limited

Call: (800) 472-1320


This one day workshop intensive is ‘a comprehensive package into the inner workings of the intuitive self’. The program is jam packed with written information, personal instruction and practical guidance for experiencing intuitive processing. Gary and Sandy’s workshop will help you feel, hear, see, and write intuitively even with no previous psychic training. Whether you’re highly experienced or just beginning this workshop is packed with straightforward exercises and instruction to help you gain the necessary hands-on experience to quickly and easily develop your intuitive skills.

Now you can unblock the negative thoughts and programming that have kept you from communicating with your subconscious mind. This one day intensive can help you learn a new way to access and actuate your psychic potential.


Lesson 1

·Turning Off the Blocks to your Intuition.

·Quiet Your Mind

·Turn on Your “Equipment” to be Psychic

Lesson 2

·Your Mental Connecting Process.

·‘Feeling into’ Your Energy-info

·Listening to Your Inner Voice.

Lesson 3

·Opening the Gates to your Subconscious

·Your Inner Screening Room

Lesson 4

·Seeing through Time-space

Lesson 5

·Extra Sensory Exploration and Guidance

Lesson 6

·Doing a Psychic Remote Viewing

Lesson 7

·Working with feelings and emotions

·Working with words and images

Lesson 8

·Your Future self


Seating is limited! Reserve your place today. Visa/MC/AMEX/DIS/PayPal

Or Call (800) 472-1320 Now to Reserve Your Place!


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Saturday Worksop March 3rd 9AM to 5PM
Red Shoes, Baton Rouge, LA
$87 Lunch not included.

Sunday Workshop March 4th 9AM to 5PM
Four Points Sheraton Metairie, LA
$117 Lunch is included.

Non-Reserved Workshop Tickets March 3rd or March 4th 9AM to 5PM. Tickets purchased day of the event. $157

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Saturday Workshop March 3rd 9AM to 5PM - $87.00

Sunday Workshop March 4th 9AM to 5PM - $117.00

Purchase Day of Event (3rd or 4th) - $157.00

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