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Spiritual Inquiry and Breathwork Workshop

Spiritual Inquiry and Breathwork Workshop

Spiritual Inquiry and Breathwork Workshop

With Dr. Gary Arnold and Jack Fontana

Join Dr. Gary Arnold and Jack Fontana for this self-evolvement one day workshop.

Over the last 30 years Gary has traveled the globe the equivalent of 11 times, giving over 1200 workshops on non-duality. Gary has written 12 books, produced 12 DVD movies, and over 50 audiobooks including A Quick Course in Miracles. Jack has been giving Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) workshops for over 25 years. He is a certified Level III Breathworker Professional and member of IBTA, the International Breathwork Training Alliance. Certified Breathworker, Greg Bordenave will be assisting Jack with the breathwork session.

This one day workshop intensive will help you:

Unlock the stronger expanded aligned you. Feel more confident.

Relive and Realign your memories, desires, and intentions.

Actualize your goals. Clear your Thinking.

Learn how to Actualize your True Desires.

Dissolve thought and action barriers.

Understand and align your intentions and actions.

Tap into your power to improve your success-ability.

Unity Church of Metairie
3303 Richland Suite 2A,
Metairie, LA 70002

$54 when paid in advance prior to Aug 5th
$75 when paid at the door the day of the event


Saturday, August 6th, 2011, 9AM to 5PM
Registration begins at 8AM

(Inquiry Workbook for Spiritual Mastery by Dr. Gary Arnold included for workshop participants)

Website to register:

Phone to register: 800-472-1320




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