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Way of Life, Tao Te Ching Paperback Book

Way of Life, Tao Te Ching Paperback Book

Way of Life, Tao Te Ching Paperback Book

The Tao Te' Ching is popularly attributed to the sage, Lao Tsu, a Chinese mystic who lived during the 6th Century BC. The text consists of 81 chapters, verses that express Taoists beliefs. These beliefs express the mystical union of the Selfless and its application with the self in everyday life. The Tao expresses a philosophy advocating simplicity, humility and love. See what is, as it is. Work with the flow of the universe, not against it. Watch. Look. Listen. Stop striving and learn to understand that is, "to stand under", and serve the universe. This translation by Dr. Arnold is fresh, alive and immediately knowable-or at least the ancient ideas are expressed in a modern, simple, directly graspable manner. Dr. Arnold studied the Tao Te' Ching for twenty-five years before writing this translation. This translation of the text continues to be true to the texts' original intent of layering many meanings within its simple phrases.
Paperback Book




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