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AWESOME! Gary, you were great... you were AWESOME!!!"
Dr. Jeff Jerosinski, American Express Financial

'Dr. Arnold, I can't begin to thank you enough for all of your pre-conference contributions. Your keynote address was wonderful. The rave reviews are still coming in. I enjoyed your professionalism, charisma, and intellect. I can see why you are considered one of the best speakers in your field. Again, thanks a million. It's an honor to work with you. Keith Ferguson, Shering Plough You had their attention from your opening line all through the hour of your talk. I was amazed at the silence at the end of your keynote- as the message hit home- and to watch the applause and the standing ovation. Your presentation was the glue that held our meeting together. The reviews were great from everyone, management team and guests alike."
A.J. East Jefferson Hospital

"I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the stories and the hands-on lessons and sales training you provided to our company. We attend courses regularly with our company and at some point in the day most had me looking at my watch to see when they'd be over. Your program went by like a rocket. The day flew by. I wished it didn't end. Your enthusiasm and knowledge of OUR business and the hands-on practical applications you taught us will benefit all our careers. I look forward to you being an active part of our events in the future. Thank you!"
Kenny Bell, Assurant

"Over three months ago you spoke we attended your conference and our folks are still talking about the positive effects of that day. Several employees have told me that your talk was one of the best talks we've ever had in the 12 years. You are the consummate professional, warm, inspiring, challenging and authentic. Thank you."
Bobby Blanchard, Specialty Applications

"Two Thumbs Up. What a fun presentation. Your heartwarming, compassionate, enlightening message gave us the wakeup call we all needed." These are among the comments received following your presentation. We are all appreciating your message. Thank you for sharing your message and your life-stories with us. Monday, our unit managers meet to begin applying your tools."
Johnny Barlow, Manager, United American

"Your Rain Making workshop was wonderful. I can only say, 'Let Gary show you how to make it, integrity, and fun!"
Jerry Nelson, President, Eco-Aire