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Intuitive Remote Viewing and Breathwork Workshop with Dr. Gary Arnold and Jack Fontana

Intuitive Breathwork™ is the conscious alteration of breathing, connecting the inhale and exhale without pause or lock in between them. It is mind-awake meditation energetically connecting the inhale (charging) and exhale (discharging) with awareness. Breathwork sets up the conscious connection to breathing, helping create an altered state of consciousness. Emotional and spiritual integration is easier to initiate and connect with when mind clears and honest feelings surface through relaxed and connected breath.

Dr. Gary Arnold

Since 1973 Dr. Arnold has been teaching intuitive development and the practical applications of remote viewing journaling. Intuitive Breathwork™ with Dr. Gary Arnold utilizes deep, fast breathing in combination with special whole brain entrainment music created in the 80’s by Windhorse Corporation and Dr. Arnold. Though Dr. Arnold’s breathwork sessions utilize a rapid breathing technique it is not the same as a state of hyperventilation, because his special method contains the inhale and slows the rate of the exhale. Dr. Arnold’s Intuitive Breathwork™ sessions are less facilitator-directed and more client-directed, guided by the participant’s innate healing intelligence. The breathwork workshops provide participants with verbal support to facilitate profound physical, emotional, mental and spiritual breakthroughs. Journaling, intuitive integration, and emotional release are encouraged to promote a deeper connection with the Higher Self.

Dr. Arnold believes Intuitive Breathwork™ is a fundamental aspect of the physical body and the ancient spiritual traditions. Some of the benefits include calming the mind and releasing tension throughout the body, being mindful of breathing, clearing the mind of chatter, psycho-spiritual awakening, opening to the energy of intuition and healing, and learning pranic breathing techniques properly and effectively.

Circular breathing and Intuitive Breathwork™

Intuitive Breathwork™ incorporates circular breathing which has three basic aspects. The first aspect is that inhales and exhales are connected together. There is no pause in between.

The second aspect is the exhale is relaxed, coming out all on its own without being forced or controlled in any way. This differs from many other forms of breathwork or pranayama which have a forced exhale component and can lead to hyperventilation. because the exhale is completely relaxed, there is no hyperventilation in Intuitive Breathwork™.

Other breathwork techniques encourage hyperventilation but Dr. Gary Arnold’s Intuitive Breathwork does not, because forcing the exhale inhibits a neutral awareness placing focus on the body. Hyperventilation does not occur with Intuitive Breathwork because exhale is relaxed and rhythmic.

In Intuitive Breathwork™ breathing rhythms occur along a continuum with four quadrants: Slow and Full breathing (8–14 cpm), Fast and Full breathing (30 cpm), Fast and Shallow breathing (150–180 cpm), and in advanced sessions that encourage out of the body (OOBE) experiences Slow and Shallow breathing (8–14 cpm). During the workshop breathing is adjusted in real-time to resonate with the participant’s feelings. Though there is guidance offered to participants, it is entwined with the participants awareness of their experience of feelings that also instructs and leads each session.

Minds and bodys relax. Participants relax into the experience as it is. Feelings integrate as feelings and thoughts are accepted for what they are. With the relaxing of effort comes awareness and integration.

Feelings and thoughts are not analyzed or dwelt upon. They are seen, accepted, and released. Each breath is unique. Each thought is unique and analysis and judgment are not required or sought after. Nothing is held onto accept open awareness.

Joy and ecstasy often occur as a result of being open and receptive to the present feelings. Integration is not forced but occurs naturally.

The last element is a journaling process that documents and notes what is showing up. Willingness to honestly reveal and describe thoughts and feelings is part of the Intuitive Breathwork™ process. This willingness to document integrates intuitive communication between the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious and is the most important part of the Intuitive Breathwork process.

Dr. Arnold has authored the book The Remote Viewers Logbook. Gary and Sandy Anastasi developed the 4 CD set, Awaken your Psychic Potential. He also wrote 12 White Crows (Publishers Release Date July 3 2012). See for more information.

Join Gary Renard and Gary Arnold in a One Day Workshop Intensive

Miracle Mindedness as True Perception

special music with Cindy Lora-Renard

One day Workshop Cost $74.00, or attend by web broadcast for $99. Visa, MC, AMEX, DIS, PayPal,
CALL 800-472-1320 pay by credit card and reserve your seat. Or click here to order online.

Saturday, February 19th,

(workshop A Course In Miracles topics; Chapters T13, T29, M6, M8)
Location: New Orleans Airport Hilton/Doubletree, 2150 Veterans Blvd, Kenner, LA. 70062
Registration begins at 8AM, Workshop from 9AM to 6:15. Lunch is included.
8-8:45 Registration
9-10 Ideas (consciousness) as the first split into separation -G. Renard
10-10:45 Exploring the Idea of Innocent Perception as a gateway into Happiness and Heaven -G. Arnold
10:45-11 Break 15 min.
11-12 Healing as release from fear -G. Renard
1-2 Miracles as True Perception -G. Arnold
2-2:45 Creator vs perceiver -G. Renard
2:45-3 Break 15 min
3-4 Knowledge as power and certainty -G. Arnold
4-4:45 Questioning illusions is the 1st step in undoing them -G. Renard
4:45-5 Break 15 min.
5-5:30 Q&A Beyond perception, into healing and truth
5:30-6:15 Music with Cindy Lora-Renard

For more information or to make workshop reservations by credit card call: (800) 472-1320 or (504) 888-1320, or go to
The Hilton-Doubletree room reservation phone number is: 504-467-3111,

Attend this workshop live for only $74.

Or go virtual, streamed live to your computer in the privacy of your home; Webcast for only $99.

Broadcast LIVE from New Orleans - attend live or download & replay later!

You can attend this incredible day-long workshop, broadcast live from New Orleans and webcast to your computer, for only $99!

This webcast will be broadcast live over the internet! If you prefer, download the webcast and replay later. You will be able to attend each session just as if you were in New Orleans with the other participants for only $99.

You will also be able to ask Gary Renard and Gary Arnold questions directly through the computer and participate in the activities throughout the day.

The Cost of the Live Workshop Computer Feed & Webcast Replay is only $99.

Click here to Register for this Exciting Event Now!

One Hour Workshop by Dr. Gary Arnold, (Free and open to the public)
Where: Bikram Yoga Studio, Yoga-108
8229 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA 70118.
When: Sunday, November 15th 2:00 to 3:00 PM, 2009

For more information call Bikram Yoga, 866-964-2108 or see or call Windhorse Corp., 800-472-1320
This one hour workshop on Mind Training may be a help to reawaken unobstructed awareness within the immediate moment. There are no special texts or techniques or practices required only honest enquiry and awareness. The principles of Mind Training are actually simple. learning how and when to apply the principles is the secret. You don't have to be like a Zen or Buddhist Monk, spending years of time, study, and effort in spiritual practice to regain your true contemplative nature of original awareness! Dr. Gary Arnold uses storytelling, meditation exercises, and ancient and modern technologies, from core nondualistic teachings of Advaita Vedanta and A Course In Miracles to show you how to regain the ancient memory of 'original mind.'
Creating Healing in Everyday Life Workshop with Dr. Gary Arnold
Where: Cenacle Retreat House
5500 St. Mary St.
Metairie, LA 70006
When: Sept. 12, Registration 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Lunch (included) 12:30 PM
Workshop 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Admission - $40.00
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and checks
For more info: 800-472-1320
Advance Registration:
Mary Taylor 504-366-5591
Gary Arnold 504-251-3279
Cenacle 504-887-1420

This workshop is a one day intensive on Understanding, Applying and Activating Spiritual Healing.

The Creating Healing in Everyday Life workshop is designed to help awaken and transform your healing ability and engage the practitioner to experience new possibilities.

Beginner and advanced healing practitioners will learn how to enter, energize, activate, and extend their healing intention as they awaken a to new paradigm of human health.

The workshop is designed to show and build on observable changes of transformation using the tools of energy and information, deliberate intention, non-spacial and directed touch, beliefs and intuition, attitude transformation, frequencies of will and consciousness, and quantum entanglement and language skills, to activate new possibilities and new structures of reality.

Dr. Gary Arnold gives a full day intensive on healing principles showing methods to access and activate subtle energy, mind-travel within the Zero Point Field, and awaken miracle consciousness as described within the nondual principles of A Course in Miracles.

This workshop enhances other bodywork modalities like massage, Chiropractic, acupuncture, Reike, and energy work.

Advanced Meditation Workshop With Dr. Gary Arnold
Where: Cenacle Retreat House
5500 St. Mary St.
Metairie, LA 70006

When: Sept. 19, Registration 8:30 - 9:00 AM, Lunch 12:30 PM (Included)
Workshop 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Admission - $40.00
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and checks
For more info: 800-472-1320

Advance Registration:
Mary Taylor 504-366-5591
Gary Arnold 504-251-3279
Cenacle 504-887-1420

This one day workshop intensive is designed to entrain your brain the same way advanced meditators do.

The workshop accesses deep subconscious imprints to help naturally create a deep cleansing meditation, Zen-like awareness, rapid inner witnessing and
inner attention.

Relaxation and a sense of oneness are often described as meditation benefits. Still, most people fail to be able to access and achieve these states at great depth. This workshop will help you understand, access, and personally demonstrate these physical and mental aspects of deep meditation.

We will work with past and current conditioning, new bodywork technologies, deep purification techniques to dissolve doubt and fear, and special rundowns to increase your spiritual inter-dimensional experience.

In Dr. Gary Arnold's "Advanced Meditation Workshop", participants often feel, observe, and acquire, long desired changes instantly. They activate
and feel physically and mentally centered as this transformative process dissolves negative emotions, blocks and past negative conditioning.

This workshop enhances other bodywork modalities like massage, Chiropractic, acupuncture, Reike, and energy work.

"You Are Being Lived" is about the single Beingness of God; there is nothing but That. There is no 'you', no ego, no separate self, no other... that belief in separation is the illusion. There is no separate identity, no separate cause. It never happened. There are not two primordial opposing forces in the universe.

"You Are Being Lived" can help you surrender (ie., laugh with/at) the ego, the false belief in a separated self, without spending years of time, study and effort in spiritual practice! Gary uses storytelling, practical exercises and technologies, and core nondualistic teachings from A COURSE IN MIRACLES to show you how to 'BE CAUSE AND NOT EFFECT', be awareness, one with it all, boost intuitive creativity, trust the Unseen and Unknowable and gain insight into empowering 'who you are'.

This 2 hour workshop helps to naturally Enquire into Cause experientially; being awareness, witness, and inner attention. Realize oneness...absolute oneness. Demonstrate the truth that you are a nondualistic (ie., union of mind-body-soul) spiritual being, at ONE WITH ALL THAT IS, rather than a particular physical being, or a spiritual being, or an intellectual being, in a particular physical universe.

Feel the special heart connection with the 'I AM'. Being IN the world and not OF the world is a change of decision, not a sacrifice, not a practice, not an intellectual study ... and even not an experience. Gary's "You are Being Lived" 2 hour workshop is designed to demonstrate our union and empowerment with what is. Gary's workshop is about creating self-empowerment, miracle consciousness, happiness, wealth and health. We look at spiritual illumination, co-creation, personal energy management, and peace as a receptive state of mind, unconditionally at every level of our lives.

Mind Training
Two Hour Workshop by Dr. Gary Arnold,

Where: _______________________________

When:  _______________________________

For more information call Windhorse Corp, 800-472-1320 or see

Mind Training can help you understand every relationship you have ever experienced. Dr. Arnold's two hour workshop on Mind Training may be a help resolving misaligned desires/beliefs and to reawaken realigned empowering desires/beliefs within the immediate moment. There are no special texts or techniques or practices required only honest enquiry and awareness. The principles of Mind Training are actually simple… learning how, when and why to apply the core principles to examine your beliefs is the secret. You don't have to be like a Zen Monk, spending years of time, study, and effort in daily practice to regain your true empowered aligned nature of original awareness- where beliefs, desires and fulfillment meet! Dr. Gary Arnold uses storytelling, a variety of experiencial exercises, and ancient and modern technologies from a broad aray of self-development methods, ancient teachings, and core physics principles, to show how to sort out the details that identify empowered beliefs and regain your ancient memory of 'original peace, effortless discipline and alignment of mind-body-spirit.'

Mind Training Agenda: Opening Introduction

Part I.

A look at how mind training works.... and doesn't.
Creating with your thoughts, delilberately.

What is the most powerful time and place?

Staying connected with your personal power.

Part II.

Conscious thought, Subconscious thought, Unconscious thought.

How to tell the difference between Functional and Disfunctional beliefs.

How to know the mind codes of successful thinking.

'Ego' is just an entertainment device. 'Belief' is just a thought you keep thinking.

Part III.

Addictions, Problems, Negative Conditioning.

Unblocking the interference, EFFORTLESSLY.

Part IV.

Feelings, Emotions, Beliefs and Time.

Not all probabliities are possibilities.

Empowering questions get empowering answers.

Final Audience Questions.

Workshop Close.

Since 1973, Dr. Gary Arnold has given over 1200 talks worldwide on nondualism. Since January 1988, for the last 22 consecutive years, he has taught a free weekly class on the core nondual principles in A COURSE IN MIRACLES, in New Orleans. He has written a dozen books, authored over 50 audio books, and 7 DVDs. He gives over 60 worshops across the country annually and is on over 100 radio programs annually. His annual audience exceeds one million people.

Over the years, Gary has had his talks and written works admired by several notables. His book reviews, for example, are over the top!! Positive Thoughts For Successful Living received great reviews from: Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager), Art Linkletter (Entertainer), Michael Leboeuf (Working Smart), John Mason (An Enemy Called Average), Scott Alexander (Rhinoceros Success), Gary Copp (President Speedy Oil Change), Van Musso (How to Retire Rich and Stay Rich), Rocky Bleier (Four-time NFL Superbowl Champion), Dr. Gregg Thomas (Christian Faity Ministries), Ben H. Love (Past President, Boy Scouts of America), and others. His translation of a Tao Te Ching, The Way of Life, received written cover quotes from Kriananda, Neale Donald Walsh (Conversations with God), Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters), Michael Smith, Joan Borysenko (The Power of the Mind to Heal), James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy) and others.

For more information on Dr. Gary Arnold, his books and audio programs, and to see a calendar of upcoming talks, go to or or