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Windhorse has been improving our client’s business performance since 1988.  Turn your media and branding efforts into opportunities. Find out what Windhorse can do for your business today.

Windhorse has a demonstrated proven track record

When you’re looking for an agency look at the brands they have represented. Ask for references. Ask about a brand they worked with where something didn’t work out – how did they handle that? Were they able to quickly adapt and change course? Do they have the necessary experience in your industry to properly advance your business?

Windhorse’s client portfolio looks like the Fortune 500 Who’s Who. We know about your industry. We don’t need a long learning curve. We have the resources to bring to your brand’s campaign. Let’s talk about what are the first steps we’d recommend when starting your campaign.

Windhorse provides current and past examples of our work

With thirty years of experience, thousands of media hours, hundreds of plane flights, thousands of consults, we’re readily able to show you a portfolio of work as well as links to initiatives we’ve either run or been involved in creating.
Our campaigns have been repeated, amplified, evolved. You know things are working when campaigns keep going.
Our campaigns lead to brand exposure and sales leads. Let our marketing experience help influence your market.

You’ll know your account manager. Your account manager will know you. Windhorse handles your account with the same lead person so you know they know you, your business, your goals, your vision
The background of your lead account person working on your brand’s behalf is important. If you’re looking for marketing, PR and/or social media help, you want a marketing leader that has leveraged those skills working with prior companies.
We know the analytics, the trends, and we have the experience to handle marketing in a leading-edge, best in class capacity.
We track ROI

We know that not everything has immediate return that’s trackable when it comes to social media. But we can track most things.
You want to know that Windhorse isn’t simply looking to add likes, followers or fans. Re are results and ROI driven. We actually analyze conversion rates and double test ads.
Brands that hire an outside agency will want to know that the agency or consultant is consistently monitoring results, and is being held accountable. You’ll want to know there’s a standard monitoring and reporting process in place that works for both you and the agency or consultant.

What is their process for reporting?

We meet and report monthly. We will provide status updates and check-ins.
Windhorse has a marketing and branding method to suggest immediately, so you’ll know how we’ll communicate.

What will you do if something goes wrong?

How would you handle a social media crisis? We have experience in social media and image repair.
Marketing campaigns that look great on paper can go wrong in application, no matter how seasoned the company is. We test, and test and test again.
We respond and fix negative reviews, Tweets, and negative Facebook comments.

How does Windhorse come up with strategic plans?
How does writing content figure into your experience and plan for your business? Windhorse has the contingent workflow and posting that works for you on a schedule. We know how to integrate social media with PR and traditional media. Our marketing team talks to your sales and marketing team. We’re on the same page. We find out what plans you want to implement know how to integrate that plan into all branding are doing for you.
How will content be developed?
We write content on your behalf. You can have approval of all content prior to posting, or we can have the freedom to post on behalf of your brand. We work with you to plan your campaigns and we can create on-the-fly content for you. Windhorse has thousands of hours of experience necessary to understand the nuances of writing content specific for each platform.
Content developed for your brand needs to be likeable and shareable. A consultant or agency should be able to show you examples of previously created content for other clients, as well as their content calendar, or what their content creation process looks like.
What does success look like, and how does Windhorse measure it?
Brands that are investing in us as their consultant and agency must have clear goals in mind when starting this process. We help you achieve your KPIs. Windhorse will help you establish these KPIs and will write strategies and tactics with you to hit those goals.
What will this cost?

Outside of the monthly retainer or project fee you agree to with Windhorse, you want to know that your budget is being kept in mind in all we’re doing.  

Windhorse creates comprehensive packages and pricing that is scale-able and tailored for businesses of all sizes. We have comprehensive inbound and outbound marketing programs priced at $1,500,  $2,500, $3,500 and $5,000 per month, with a full range of included services.

Additional costs?  Before any added costs we get additional budget approval before implementation.  We know your budget and your results need to match so any ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any social media site is tied to expected ROI’s.  We want you to know expected costs and expected results ahead of time.  Full transparency.  No surprises.

We want Windhorse to be your ad, brand strategy and marketing agency.  Choosing us as your trusted “inner circle” ad adviser is a big decision.  We know your brand is your baby.   We’re in it for the long haul. Call Windhorse today and let’s begin to make something beautiful together.  Call now and let’s talk so we can start this relationship.

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Windhorse® Corporation celebrated its 30th year anniversary in 2018 as one of the most experienced PR, business consulting, digital and social media marketing and executive coaching firms in the south.

Windhorse® Corporation’s Home Office is in Metairie Louisiana, fifteen minutes from New Orleans and one hour from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  We also have offices in Dublin Ireland and New Delhi India.  Our email distribution hubs are in New Orleans, New Delhi, Dublin and New Hampshire.